Saturday, May 8, 2010 love

We love polka dots at this house. Love love love them. A lot. So, when I got this ugly car seat from a friend to use as a 'backup' I was excited about the idea of recovering it. The girls were excited that I let them choose the fabric. I have crafting commitment issues, and didn't want my first attempt to be one of the nice ones and be stuck with something I hate forever. We are a one car family & hubby takes it to work (with carseats), so when my Mom takes us out for the day, we need extras. I took a seam ripper and completely took it apart, cut pieces the exact size of the templates, and serged them together. Thank goodness I had taken the 'before' picture or it would have been a disaster putting it all back together. Overall, I like it. Not sure I like it enough to spend an entire day making another one, but I do like it.