Wednesday, May 5, 2010

simple summer dresses

I picked up this 2x maternity skirt at the thrift store and loved how light and soft the fabric was. Perfect for little girl summer dresses, no? Neither girl was interested in pictures, so this was the best I got. At least they were holding still...
I decided to go with snaps on the neck, they just seemed to be the least amount of work. Lazy, I know, but it looks good and was quick.


  1. very cute! that's such a pretty color the fabric. I have currently been following your blog, its so great! read my blog too and follow please.

  2. I just love Moo's face in that last picture! Seriously! The only way I can get a good picture of Mak is to dangle cookies in front of the camera! :-) The dresses turned out great! But what did you mean about the snaps for the neck? It sounds easier! Tutorial in the future? :-)