Friday, April 30, 2010

New knitting bags

I can't remember where I saw a bag like this, but I fell in love with the idea immediately. A knitting bag with buttons! Brilliant! I used fusible interfacing on the lining to make it stand a little better. I must do something wrong when using the interfacing because it doesn't seem to want to stick very well. I gave up and stitched a diagonal line every two inches for the lining so it will stay together (so there, interfacing!).
I love having the ball contained in the bag and just pulling the yarn out little by little...It is just big enough for a small project, an instruction sheet and my little pouch of supplies. Great for travel or just keeping little fingers out. I loved mine so much I made one for my Grandma Kitch as well.
I thought about putting a tutorial together... anybody interested?


  1. what a great idea! i love it! i would love a tutorial too! Mak is ALWAYS getting into my yarn! :-P

  2. very cute!

    now i'll have to learn to knit or crochet so i can need one :)