Saturday, October 3, 2009


I am still new to quilting my own tops, and stippling what I have done the most of. Today I decided to make a new baby doll blanket (six doesn't seem to be enough around here) so this is what I ended up with! Pebble quilting! Still needs a binding, but I couldn't get it back long enough to sew it on...

We also have a polka dot obsession lately, so I thought Bug would love it. So far, she loves keeping it out of Moo's reach.
'... so Moo go her own! So far she thinks it's really fun to sit on. As long as it's getting used...
As a side note, I really love how it turned out. It took a LOT of thread. Like 2-3 bobbins for a doll quilt. Seriously.

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