Monday, May 10, 2010

dollar dresses

I came across the elsie marley blog today (thanks for the link, jess!) and I am so inspired. I have a couple clothing items that just need finishing touches, and I am excited to focus on clothes for a week! I only work two evenings this week, so I should be able to keep up with the hour a day commitment. Kids clothes week: day 1

Once or twice a month, my local thrift store has 10 for $10 day, when all adult clothing is a dollar. This last week we went and scored two blue men's plaid wrinkle-free shirts. Whoever came up with that fabric is pure genius. Two dollars, two dresses. I love that! I hauled out this pattern again because it really does just rock. The girls had fun playing with the buttons and got to pick which ones went on their own dress. I am thinking about either adding a fabric 'belt' like this, or doing freezer paper star stencils in white up one side. Or I could just leave them as is.


  1. oh, some belts would be absolutely adorable! what a steal on those shirts too! love how the dresses are coordinating but not exactly matching!