Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mini me

Kids clothes week: day 2
I had most of the construction on these done the other day, and just had finishing touches to do.
Bug loves to wear my scrubs around the house and 'be like mommy' so I decided to make her a set of her own. Moo, too. Why not, right? I saw these two matching scrub tops and scored them on a sale day for $1 each. They are an XL and 2X so plenty of fabric to work with. After a really bad attempt at my own pattern for the top, I bought Simplicity 3650. I am not a huge fan of 'real patterns' so I hesitated, but it turned out well with a couple adjustments. Since I was working from a finished garment already, the neckline was really easy, as was the hem on the sleeves. Easy like already done for me. Nice! When I tried them on the girls, I realized the waist needed cinched in a little, so I made a quick casing for elastic in the back and just top stitched it on. The pattern called for a velcro closure, and I substituted buttons instead. Only one button is functional so the extra piece doesn't get lost. I would love to adjust the pattern so the neck hole is big enough for my girls head so it will just slip on. Maybe someday. I made them big... just in case I am lazy this fall and they can wear them for Halloween. Might as well get some wear from these, right? With a little of the extra fabric, I used this tutorial to make masks. So cute. Moo has been walking around saying "I doctor Louise! I doctor Louise!" - she picked it up from an episode of Max & Ruby. That kid regurgitates everything she learns on TV.


  1. oh my goodness! those are just TOO cute! i love them! your girls are just so adorable! i hope next time i'm in idaho i can meet them, i love hearing about them all the time! and the outfits you make for them... jealous! you amaze me!
    isn't it weird how old john seems now? he's all grown up, married, has a house, a dog and a baby! WHAT? when did that happen? you should see his daughter though, aDORable! her mom has been able to braid her hair for a couple months now and she's only like 8 months old! crazy jealous of that little girls hair, mak didn't have hair till after she was one! ha!

  2. Mercy...the masks are above and beyond. Really lovely work.