Thursday, December 24, 2009

Finishing touches

I have spent the last week working on finishing all the gifts I started in October with great intentions of getting done early. Oops. So this week I have:
made my mom a necklace... this one I actually started this morning because somehow I missed her on my list...
Sewn this fabric Frosty the Snowman book for Moo,Finished binding this quilt for my Sister-in-law's mother, who will be joining us for Christmas.This quilt took 12 hours to quilt, and I used 27 bobbins! Not sure I will do pebble quilting this small again, but I love the finished look. Thank goodness it's just a lap quilt!
I have also almost finished a doorway puppet theatre (another post on that later), made a dozen scrapbook pages for my mother-in-law's book, made a dress for a friend's daughter, sewn 8 microwaveable rice bags for an order, finished knitting a hat, and beaded 3 lanyards for namebadges for a coworker. Thank goodness my family is okay with pizza, frozen noodle dinners and spaghetti for dinner!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Winter Wonderland

I saw this adorable winter scene on Chasing Cheerios, and Bug begged to make her own house. We still have a lot of felt from a great thrift store find, and we put it to good use. We dug through the felt and she chose colors while I cut.
I love how she decorated the tree. And the pink snow. That's my Buggie for you. The final scene is really cute - I imagine we will play with it a lot during Moo's naps in the coming weeks.
and... after another entire day knitting this hat again, I think it looks like I tried to knit armor from the game hubby has been playing on the xbox. Not a great look. So, I ripped it all out. Again. And started another hat. Hopefully success with this one!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

testing, testing...

I have been picking up knitting the last two weeks, and started AND finished 10 hats in 12 days. Wow. Five of these are for Christmas gifts, I still need to make a little boy hat and then Christmas knitting will be done.
I am still new to knitting, and have not ventured with anything too fancy. However... after my mom brought this book over, I knew I had to try something new. I love all three 'One Skein Wonder' books {hint hint hubby}. Just missing the other two...
Well, after a few tears and a 'yarn over' lesson from my mom, I felt confident and began knitting. Three + hours and 24 rows later, I realized the hat I was making for myself would fit my two year old neice who has a small head. Oops. So, out came all those stitches. I went up a needle size, grabbed a Diet Dr. Pepper and began again. Hope my guage is right this time!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Impromptu Project

I try to do little 'projects' with Bug's help on a regular basis. I would say we do 5 or so art projects a week, although they are usually pretty basic stuff. I have been a little lazy lately, and she has noticed. When I got home from work tonight (I work 4pm-12:30am) she was up (again... we really need to work on her sleep schedule!) and begged to make her daddy a project. Just one. How could I tell her no? I had this snowman printed off, and she got to coloring. Have little kids? Check out the coloring page, it's a good one. A little glue, and she was a happy girl with a project to give her Daddy.
Notice the clock in the background? Oh, you can't see it underneath the dirt? Well it says 1:02 am. Seriously.