Saturday, May 15, 2010

I tried...

...but I couldn't stay away from the sewing machine today. I really did try.
My Mother's Day gift this year was a new camera! I just wanted to be able to take better pictures of my girls (and, hello, craft projects!) so I didn't want anything too fancy. Just a step up from a point-and-click. I finally settled on the Sony H20 - on sale at Fred Meyer! I have been drooling over the gorgeous camera straps on etsy, but since this is a mid-size camera, it's too small for the big strap. And too big for a small strap. Solution: A thin lanyard. Just a simple loop with mid-weight interfacing stitched to the wrist cord loop-thing they provided. (and yes, I am still in my race clothes. apparently ambitious enough to start a project but not enough to shower.)


  1. LOVE it! and LOVE that you are still in race clothes! i do that all the time where i am too tired to do anything... but craft that is! or when i have something in my head that i just can't wait to do and show off that i forgo getting dressed for the day, or getting the kids dressed either :-)

  2. cute i love that i should try an make one.