Friday, April 23, 2010

silly sewing

I have a niece who is just adorable and petite. She is an early potty-trainer and is just too small for any panties from the store. So I bought this great pattern and made some cute little undies for her! I do have to admit I felt a little silly sewing them, but I am glad they fit my cute little niece.The fit is a really modest almost boy-cut, and I love it! After I made a couple of pairs, Bug came up and said VERY proudly "Mom, my butt is just getting bigger every day, I need some new panties!" So she is next on my list for panties.
***Update: I got the fabric at Fabric Fairy and I have been super impressed by their customer service and quality!

1 comment:

  1. i love them! seriously! i have the same trouble with mak! and i can't find training pants ANYWHERE! remember those thicker underwear for the transition between diaper and potty? i had them when i was little but they don't sell them in the stores anymore, so i'm trying to find good fabric to make my own. what fabric did you use for your underwear? it looks super comfy and i TOTALLY want them for myself too :-) hahaha!