Wednesday, April 21, 2010

picture perfect

Sometimes it takes me looking at a picture to realize things like my kid hasn't brushed her hair for the day, or the huggies box we keep diapers in is really, really ugly (see last post). Mom had this funky diaper pin fabric that I thought would be kind of fun for diapers... and this is what I got! I bought several nice baskets to keep the diapers in, but one by one the girl's friends ruined of them. So, I gave up and went to a sturdier cardboard - wish it hadn't taken me this long to cover it, I love it!


  1. oh my goodness, you gave me the GREATEST idea! Thanks! I LOVE those adorable baskets, but had to toss mine when it didn't fit in the car while we were moving, and I keep all of Mak's books in a LOVELY huggies diaper box, that I pretend is a book shelf, I NEVER thought of covering it with fabric! Now it can be CUTE as well as FUNCTIONAL!
    You are AMAZING I love you! Can I link to this post for my blog? I LOVE this idea! Did you sew it? or just drape it in ?

  2. Link away! I sewed it and it has a lining as well. You could just see the Huggies words etc. through one layer of fabric so I doubled it.