Tuesday, April 27, 2010

new hat

I have been working on this hat for a while and finally got it done! Just in time for it to snow tonight, the forecast is 4-6 inches.

I think my mom gave me the pattern, and I wish I would remember that hats knit on size four needles take forever! I love how it turned out though. Worth it in the end.


  1. very cute! And you look great by the way :)

  2. LOVE IT! I know what you mean about using tiny needles makes the work work go longer :-P But they are so worth it!
    Speaking of... found an AMAZING knitting book that I think you would love. Totally wearable knitted things! I mean, I'm always knitting hats because the sweater vest is just... not cute. But THIS book is GREAT, I can't wait to try some! Go see if you can find it too, if not I'll photocopy some of the patterns and mail them to you, yes, it's just that good.
    It's called "Knit So Fine; Designs with skinny yearn" by Lisa R Myers, Laura Grutzeck & Carol Sulcoski.
    You'll LOVE IT!