Sunday, April 25, 2010


Sometimes I think I need a sanity check. Seriously. I have been drooling over this pattern from Heidi and Finn for months, and when it finally warmed up I bought it. I had this fabric in my stash waiting for a perfect project to come along, and I love it for this! It is reversible, and has a brown and green daisy print on the inside that's really nice.
Here is where the sanity check comes in. Both of my kids seem to want to drag the naked dolls around town with us. In an effort not to waste the leftover fabric and clothe a doll, I decided to make a matching outfit for a naked groovy girls doll. I just eyeballed the pattern and measured the doll and went for it. It turned out cute, but was a total pain in the butt and took just as long and making the toddler top. I do love the look of casual rolled-up jeans, but this look is more out of necessity than fashion. She has grown into her sister's 3T jeans and I just haven't gotten around to hemming them yet.
So, pattern review: another one I love. Simple pattern pieces and great instructions with pictures, it's quick and fun for any level of sewing skills. And reversible? Hello! Perfect for a long day out when you know the chances of your kid spilling something is high. Just turn it around and you are ready to go. I left off the pocket because in this print it just looked really, really busy. I made the back a little more modest on this one but like it the way the original pattern has it as well. This pattern will be another staple for our summer wardrobe for sure!


  1. I love that fabric! it turned out way cute. doll clothes are fun, huh? not! ;)

  2. SUPER cute!!
    and my girlies love naked dolls too??
    thought about making some matching clothes but haven't tried it yet.