Thursday, April 8, 2010

giving back

This last weekend, we went to Utah for my cousin's funeral. She had been sick for a couple years with various diseases, but it was still a shock. She was 29 and had three beautiful kids.
She loved to craft. Unfortunately, she was generally too sick to do much. Two years ago, she got a Bernina (Activa 220) and barely used it. I bought it from her husband to help pay for funeral costs. Wow, those things are pricey. I also snuck out a two yard piece of batik fabric from her stash, something she loved. So, in an effort to give back a little, I made it into this baby quilt for her 4 month old, Audrey. It's not traditional little girl fabric, but her mom would have loved it. Although I am not a batik lover, there are some really neat prints in here.
I used the New Wave Pattern from Oh, Fransson and it was really quick. I did change the size up a little, I did it at 75% of her numbers so it would fit on a smaller batting. I also added two more rows so the stripes go horizontally. It measures 37x40 with those changes.

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