Wednesday, February 23, 2011

30 for 30, week 4

I am slowly plugging away at this, but realizing I wish I had picked more layering pieces instead of the cardigans! Live and learn... Here's what my week was like:

Wednesday: I love this cardigan! Not really sure if it is a cardigan since it has no sleeves, but for my purposes that's what I'll call it. The detail on the back is so unexpected and fun, although now I realize I had my hands in front of me and it looks like I'm armless. Whatever.
Thursday: Errands around town... Bug to Joy school, etc. My mom made me the hat, which I totally love, and the Jacket is Gap (thrifted). Outerwear doesn't count for the 30 items, and it was warm enough to just wear a jacket- even though it was snowing- so I took the opportunity.
Friday: Oh, how my days run together. I can't remember what I did... but I am surprised by how much I liked this outfit combo. I was worried about too much blue, but I think it works.
Saturday: Shopping with the fam in Idaho Falls. Officially half way through the challenge!
Sunday: Church was cancelled due to lots and lots of snow, but I didn't know until after I got dressed. It worked out... got another day home with my hubby & girls and also figured out I have outgrown this shirt. I was tugging it over my tummy all day. Guess it's out of the rotation!
Monday: I don't know how I feel about the skinny jeans tucked into theese boots, it just seems strange. They don't stay tucked in quite as well as I'd like, but they get points for function in the snow.


  1. I LOVE your blue outfit too! You are such a cute pregnant lady! Seriously shameful :-P

  2. p.s. I ALSO love the hat your mom made! Don't you love handmade gifts that are perfectly you!

  3. can i say how much i admire you for doing this whilst pregnant? cutest pregnant lady in the world, i must say. i discovered the same thing--too many jacket/cardigan things. i mean, how different can an outfit look when the outer-iest (yep) pieces are the same? so. yeah. live and learn. but i'm loving your ensembles...all of them!