Wednesday, February 16, 2011

30 for 30, week 3

Kendi's 30 for 30; week 3
It seems like this last week was a super busy one, I worked an extra shift and I am totally worn out! Here's what the week looked like in outfits:
Thursday: Taught Bug's Joy School- it was a lot of hands-on science experiments, so I opted to wear a plain shirt so I didn't get food coloring on anything that still fits well!
Friday: babysat my niece, ran errands. This shirt is not maternity, but fits well over my 31 week baby bump!
 Saturday: I have no idea what we did that day... this shirt is also not maternity, but I have almost outgrown it. One more week I think and it has to wait until after delivery to be worn again.
 Sunday: Church- I work with the little kids, so I tend to go a little casual.
 Monday: Bug had Joy School, so we took her there & back, Moo and I ran errands together - delivering valentines & such. Nice to spend time with just her once in a while!
 Tuesday: I had a meeting with some ladies from church, which the kids love because they come and have a play date with friends.
I bought this shirt thinking I would love the linen-y feel to it, but never have worn it before. I finally figured out why: this awful lion mane collar! It looked super-matronly.  So, I took my scissors and snipped it off, leaving a much nicer neckline.


  1. Looking good with that bump honey...have a wonderful week. ax

  2. I love your shirt on sunday! SO adorable! And I agree with the collar, good choice ;-)