Thursday, February 10, 2011

The gypsy top

A while ago, I stumbled across the Boden website and totally have fallen in love with their clothes. So, inspired by this top, I recreated the look of the shirt by modifying the Sweet Dress... again. The pattern has totally been worth the money!
Starting with a thrifted shirt:
I cropped the pattern into a tunic, shirred all the way around the top, and left the sleeves without elastic.
Our photo shoot started out a little rough...
But with Cat in the Hat on TV as a distraction and m&m's as a bribe, we both made it through. 
I fought good and hard to add the button detail like the Boden top, but Bug insisted I was done sewing it. Can't win them all, I guess. In the end, it's perfect for my little curly-haired gypsy.

My sweet Moo dumped my good camera off the table yesterday, breaking it, so and I am back to my basic point-and-click, which I am not too happy about. Guess I'm in the market for a new camera!


  1. Cute top!
    Ugh to kids and cameras! Mak threw our nice camera away last year :-P silly girl!