Tuesday, March 1, 2011

{crayon bags}

A long time ago, I found this great tutorial over at We Wilsons. I originally anticipated making some as snack bags, as she had done, but couldn't decide on what to use for the inside that's food safe. So, enter the crayon bag. I used her directions, only used cotton on the inside and out. It turned out the perfect size for Crayola roll-up crayons. I used the cheap velcro from JoAnn's which is perfect because it's easier for the kids to get the bag open. Finished, it measures about 4x6 and holds about 10 crayons easily.

I have made several of these now, and I use a larger version for holding prepackaged snacks like an assortment of mini raisin boxes, fruit snacks, and fruit leather for when we are headed out for a while. It's nice to have a small bag of snacks {for the kids and this pregnant lady} packed and together!

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