Wednesday, February 2, 2011

30 for 30 challenge

Being unsure if this will be our last baby, I haven't wanted to spend much on maternity clothing. I also don't want to wear most of the clothes I wore with my other two pregnancies. So, to celebrate what I do have, I have joined up with Kendi Everyday and am doing her '30 for 30' challenge. Read more about it here, but basically you pick 30 items in your wardrobe including shoes and sweaters, and remix them for 30 days. Here are my 30 items:
 Tunics: 1- Ogle, from botique in Jackson 2- Loved by Heidi Klum 3- Momzee, borrowed from SIL
 Dresses: 4- Gap, thrifted 5- Motherhood 6- No Boundaries
 Shirts: 7- Anthropologie, 8- Target Maternity, 9- Motherhood, 10- Motherhood, 11- Motherhood, 12- Old Navy Maternity, 13- Downeast
 Skirts: 14- Motherhood, 15- Old Navy Maternity
 Pants: 16- Motherhood bootcut, 17- Skinnies from Ross, 18- Black slacks from Ross?
 Basic tees- 19-21, all Downeast Basics (With plenty of weight gained by this point in the chest area, I usually wear one for a little more coverage...)
 Sweaters/Cardigans: 22- Forever 21, 23- From Ross, 24&35, Kensie Girl from James&CoJH (my sister-in-law owns the company, when I am not pregnant it's where I shop!)
Shoes: 26- Steve Madden Boots, 27- Blowfish, 28- Target, 29- Steve Madden
I also plan on using my snowboots, mostly just because of where I live. So there you have it! My 30 items! I found it a lot harder than I anticipated because I am not sure how much I will gain in the next month (or so, it may take me a while to get through all 30 outfits!). Not everything is maternity, and I am wondering if I am going to regret those pieces... we'll see!

Here are my first two outfits:

 {Moo took one look at these pictures and said "My Mama NOT look happy!"  I was quite focused on trying to aim the camera... I'll work on incorporating a smile next time.}
{29 weeks}
It has been -30 these past two mornings, and has stayed below zero all day so I was not about to venture out for a photo shoot. Never mind the fact that it's too cold for my car to start so we're stuck home anyway. So, bathroom mirror pictures are what you get! Sorry! Because we stayed home, I didn't wear shoes.
I think I'll post the outfits a week at a time, just out of convenience. It may also take me a little longer than 30 days, unless we have errands to run (and the temperature is above +2) I stay in jammies until I work three days a week. Being a working mama pregnant with two kids, I am all about less laundry at the end of the day!


  1. HA! I JUST found that 30/30 challenge and started a post about it the other day! I'm waiting till I finish up my valentines post first before posting it though ;-)
    You are one classy mama! Sorry about the cold temps! :-(
    Can't wait to see all of your outfits!

  2. good for you! you're so cute. i especially love the printed top with cardigan ensemble. i'm seriously impressed...with my pregnancies, all i want to do is lie around and eat pnut m&ms. wait...not much has changed... :)
    -brittney (fellow remixer)