Tuesday, June 1, 2010

what can you get with $.20?

A new summer dress! The awesome thrift store by my house has a monthly 'bag sale' and all the clothing you can fit into a grocery bag is $4, or garbage bag for $8. I finally made it for this month's, and fit 20 items of clothing into one small bag... score! So each item cost me .20! This was a super budget-friendly summer dress.
I used Disney's idea for using a dress shirt with elastic thread, and the biased tape arm holes from Dana. I also found this great idea to make a casing at the top before you start shirring and run elastic through it... genius! It only had one pocket, I was too lazy to make a matching one, but it works, right?
The girls and I had a great time driving the back roads of Driggs to look for a building to take pictures next to. We settled on a funny building behind Pendl's and it worked great, but I wish my model was more interested in modeling and less interested in running away from me.
Bug did not want to be left out, so I took a couple shots of her, too. I can't believe she has already outgrown this dress!


  1. i just ADORE that dress! holy cow! SO cute! what a great deal at the thrift store too! i love that idea! :-)
    someday i would love to do a mommy-swap like that. to get in it costs you a bag of clothes, and you can fill up the bag with however much you want when you leave! after all, it takes a village, sometimes just to clothe our kids :-)

  2. That turned out so cute. I'm loving the pocket!

  3. I love that dress! I've been given a bunch of my friend's beautiful men's shirts to make baby dresses from, but was waiting for inspiration. I think I just found it!

  4. Hi! I found this post via Flickr Group "Show Me Your Booth" This little dress is so clever. I just love it. I will be making one as soon as I can make it to the thrift shop!!