Friday, June 25, 2010

burning the midnight oil

What do you do at midnight? Tonight after work (I get off after 12:30 am) I finally got around to finishing my craft vendor apron. It's a good thing my kids aren't early risers :) I started with a belt from the thrift store and some leftover tank fabric, and this is what I got: What do you think? It needs a little tweaking, but the size is just about right and it will work for this week. The ribbon belt goes around the back and there are d-rings so it stays on. Maybe I'll sell something, eh? I can only hope!

Update: I sold stuff! Enough to cover the entrance fee we had to pay for the summer, so anything on top of this is bonus! Okay, I guess I should say after the money I have spent on fabric, labels, elastic, etc. it will be a bonus, but right now it's just nice to have sold my items!

1 comment:

  1. oh my goodness! so cute! i love it! the colors are just so cute! good job! and good luck today too!