Sunday, June 6, 2010


-another rainy day. I am so ready for spring to come and stay.
-thinking about potty training. She loves to sit and sing, but that's all that happens. Maybe another month or two...
-loving that Moo talks so much. Today while she saw Bug and I getting ready for church, she said "Are you ready? Okay. Clothes, shoes, jacket, go! I go too! Jacket, Mama! I go!" She does not want to be left behind.
-drooling over a fabric purchase I made... Can't decide between a ticker tape quilt, squares like the bird quilt, or small baby blanket size projects. I love the fabric and am so happy to have my hands on a little bit!

-wishing I didn't have to work again today. Somehow my shifts all got bunched together and I have only had enough time to clean the house, but no crafting. Next week looks much better for sewing!

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