Tuesday, June 15, 2010

{ladybugs & polka.dots}

The girls and I had the car today (rarely happens, but I love it when it does!) and stopped by the thrift store. Moo immediately fell in love with a really ugly naked baby doll, Bug found a Littlest Pet Shop accessory, and I found a one-piece dress that is too small for my girls. So I got to thinking... I haven't played around with exposed serged seams... maybe it's time? So we scored it for $1, left the naked baby and came home to sew. The back is a solid red shirt, the same as the waistband. It was really quick to sew, I think I might be making more of these this summer! On the downside, Bug said we didn't need to keep it (aka, I WILL NOT WEAR IT!) so maybe it's destined for Moo. I guess I need to remember to ask her what fabrics she will and will not wear BEFORE I start. Just a thought.
It was nice to do some 'fun sewing' instead of my big project... I can't wait for Friday!

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  1. hahaha, bug is SO cute! she has SUCH a personality! Fun for you right? ;-) Well "I" think it's a GREAT skirt! Very cute, and really cool trying new things!