Friday, June 18, 2010

friday farmers' market

My friend Audrey wanted to do a craft booth at our local Farmers' Market, and I totally invited myself to do the booth with her. So this is what I have been working on for weeks and weeks... although it doesn't look like much inventory, I swear it is a lot of sewing!
As this was my first 'craft show', I was pretty nervous. Is it better to have a large inventory of a couple things? Or a small inventory of a lot of things? Since I am sharing the booth with two of my friends who each supplied their own items, I figured a larger inventory of a couple things would be good to start with. What do you think? Audrey made the awesome bows, and her husband made the stand. It looks great! Labels: I know I already showed you these, but they still make me giddy, so bear with me. I didn't want to look too much like... a beginner. I want to look polished. I have been happy with my tags, although I am wondering about satin instead next time. I still have quite a few to go through before I order more, but this first batch is wonderful. Size tags: I am so in love with the size tags I got! They are from an awesome etsy seller, angiecherryhi. She was great to communicate with and it really is an awesome product. I will stick with these for sure! I think the combination of the tags makes me a little more 'legit.' Hang tags: I searched several places online to find this font that was used on my labels. I want to have a cohesive look as far as the name goes. It only took an hour to find! I paired it with a fun heart and had some hang tags! The back of the tag on the 'upcycled' clothes has information on being green, etc. and was the right move I think. I just printed them out myself. Size dividers: I also found these on etsy! Totally in love with that site. Paper Party Design Co. is who I bought them through, and again, great to work with! She made these custom for me and they look great. I want another set so I have one for the closet in the sewing room and one for the Farmers Market. I also made a couple sets of two burp cloths and a couple taggie blankets
Now... if only there were any shoppers! Seriously, only a dozen people walked by in the 6 hours we sat there. I live in Driggs, people. It supposedly picks up and gets busier through the summmer. I sure hope so!

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  1. holy cuteness! congrats! they look FABULOUS! I am SOOOOO excited for you! I hope things pick up for you, because I can tell you put a lot of time and effort into it, and they turned out SOOOOO cute! I just love it! What days are the farmers markets? and how often are you going to be there?