Thursday, February 25, 2010

taggie love

For Moo's first Christmas, I made her a 'taggie' blanket. It has minkee on one side, cotton on the other and five tags on each side, ends up about 11" square finished. It was such a hit I had to make another one for Bug right after Christmas and two more for Valentines day. She carries one around with her all day. Well, the year-old taggies were looking old, so {inspired by this post} I made another today. A lot less ribbons, but a nice one we can take with us out of the house.
It's a hit! She crawled right up in bed and fell asleep. I used a little of the same fabric that's in her blanket my mom made.
Both kids have bad lungs, and every time they get sick it's lung-related. She just has a cold, but is hypoxic (low oxygen saturation) on room air. This is day two with oxygen, and she has more or less made peace with wearing it for the time being. The circle on her cheek? She is allergic to band-aid type things, and it's a rash from the sticky circles that help keep the oxygen in place. Between both kids, this is our fifth time with a kid on oxygen, and my kids call the Respiratory Therapist that brings the equipment out "grandpa." I think that's getting to know him a little too well.


  1. oh... i will pray your baby is off the oxygen soon.. that has to be hard for momma too!! love the tag squares - i'm thinking of making some for some new mommas in our church...

  2. I love your taggie! It is so cute, and really cool that it has the same fabric as the blanket! You are so creative!

  3. i love this!! super cute...and the wonky star is so fun, huh?