Sunday, February 28, 2010


With sick kids (now plural, Bug is needing oxygen all day and Moo only needs it at night) I have been struggling with quiet, sit-still games. We have watched way too much tv, but I was inspired by an episode of Max and Ruby. Bug is absolutely fascinated with hopping on a 'hotscopch' so we set out to make one! Okay, so the actual playing hopscotch isn't a great sick kid activity, but the cutting and sewing kept Bug quiet and still and by my side. She loved the fabric paint! Maybe an art smock is next on my list of things to sew!
Tutorial on this to come sometime this week!
{tutorial here}


  1. Hey! I love this idea, and featured it on craft gossip in the lesson plans kids section. Can't wait for the tutorial!

  2. Hey, I gave you this award cause you're so cool: