Saturday, February 20, 2010

Kid Crafts: Week four

These past two weeks I seemed to do more sewing than kid crafts, so not so many, but we still had fun!
As an on going family joke, my hubby got this paint set for his birthday and Bug was super excited to use it. She had more fun putting her paintbrush from one color to the other and instructed me to do most of the painting. She got a Martha Stewart pom pom animals set for Christmas and we put together the squirrel.
Inspired by this post, I numbered hearts and wanted her to line them up in numerical order. She thought eating white chocolate chips out of the cupboard was a much better option, so there the 'school work' lies at her feet.
My sister-in-law gave Bug this awesome sticker set and she plays with it while I work out. It's really cute!Another favorite in our house is playdough, usually up on the counter for Bug so Moo won't eat it. That kid loves to eat playdough.

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