Tuesday, February 16, 2010

quick update

My girls were invited to a birthday party and on the invitation... wear your princess dress. Hmmm. My girls have no princess dresses. We have ladybug tutus, Indian girl dresses, ballerina tutus, but no princess attire. With a budget of almost nothing, we headed to our thrift store. I found two dresses that would do, but wanted to fix them up a little.
For Bug's, I took the entire top apart and added a white sparkly star fabric on top to cover the stains on the front and back. After a little melt down from Bug, her final decision was approval. {sign of relief}
For Moo's I added a solid layer under the skirt for a little modesty and crossed the straps in the back so it would stay up better. I also took a couple silk flowers and stitched them onto the front where there were funny glue marks. Perfect for a little princess tea party for a total of $6!


  1. Perfect! I absolutely adore it! You are so good at fixing up old things and making them look perfect, you've inspired me to try and save more things by making them much more usable! Thanks!