Friday, March 19, 2010

{sailor skirt}

I have been sorting through closets in an early spring clean, and I got as far today to find one pair of capris that are just too wide in the leg... so I got the sewing machine out for a quick refashion. I got these brand new with tags from Anthropologie at our local thrift store last year for $8. Score! The legs were just too wide and I felt silly wearing them. Inspired by {this skirt} I set out to make matching skirts for the girls. Here's how I did it!
I started with really wide leg pants, but from scratch would be really quick too. (Please ignore the strange way I am standing... Moo would not stay out of the picture so she's on my shoulders. Life with a toddler.) I cut 12 1/2" for a 3t, and 11" for a 2t.The original hem is what I used for the bottom hem, so that's done already.
Turn the top over to wrong side of fabric by 1/4" and stitch.
Fold over again by 2 1/4", pin and sew again using your original seam as a guide.
Take a seam ripper and take off original belt loops. Mine were big enough I cut them in half and was able to use the five originals between the two skirts.
Place two on the front - mine are about 2 1/4" in from the side seam - and three in the back. One centered, the other two about 1 1/4" in from the seam towards the back so they were all evenly spaced. Using a zig-sag stitch, sew them in place.
After I stitched the belt loops in place, there was about 3/4" that I had to put a belt through. This will just depend on what size your loops are. For mine, I cut a piece 2 1/2" x 34". Iron in half, with both short ends ironed in. Fold both long sides towards the center, and iron again.
Stitch close to the edge of your belt. I used a contrasting thread and love how it looks. Thread it through the loops and enjoy!
The girls were unusually cooperative for the photo shoot today.
It went a lot better than our last joint picture attempt.
So cute! I want to make another one with pleats as well as the belt for a fuller look at the bottom.


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  2. OH MY GOSH! LOVE IT LILA! Seriously! I never thought of using old belt loops for new ones, I just panic and leave them off! I ADORE the skirts! Way to repurpose! And I love that they were cooperating with you, doesn't it make the whole thing much better when you can actually take good pictures of the finished product :-)

  3. I LOVE the matching skirts! Can't wait to do that with my soon as this one comes. :) I love the little belts too...adorable!

  4. Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on in the Handcraft category today [29 Mar 03:00pm GMT]. Thanks, Maria