Sunday, March 14, 2010

Kids Crafts: Week five

We welcomed this beautiful little goldfish tank into our home last weekend, and Moo has decided they are "dolphins." So adorable. She asks to see her dolphins and says "Ooh, Ooh, Cute Dolphins!" So, in honor of our new additions, we did ocean week! Painting the Ocean
Bug requested we pain the ocean, so we got our watercolors out and painted away! It was a little dark - black may have gotten mixed in with every color - so we did a little salt to break it up.
We downloaded this coloring page (I also bought the mermaid party kit for Bug's birthday. So cute!)
Paper bag puppets
My sister-in-law got this book for Bug on her birthday, and this is the first time we have used them. They had a great time coloring, but I tried to have them assemble onto the bag right after naps, and it didn't go over so well. Lesson learned in timing projects. See how happy both kids look?Folding Kissing fish
Bug did not like this one at first. She thought it should be a cutting project, but it was folding, and we hadn't done folding before. Maybe I need to add {this cutting book} that's like {this folding book} we have. By the time daddy got home, she was ready to show it off.
Hopping frogs
This one was so much fun we got the whole family involved. I got it at Big Lots in the Easter section for $2. They are impossible to aim, so we made them jump and Moo would tell us "yeah, mommy!" and go pick them up. Hilarious!
Ocean puzzle
Yet another thrift store find! I really am trying hard to keep Moo involved, but most of our projects are not age appropriate for 18 months. This kept both girls interest, and we worked on teamwork as we sang "What's going to work? TEAMWORK!" Thanks, Wonder Pets.

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