Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Welcoming with Love...

our new baby Brother!
I am soooooo excited about this! It was pretty much torture waiting four days for it to be delivered. I cut out five dresses and several other "refashion" projects to keep me occupied... and when it came yesterday, I broke it right out and went to work.
I made a couple matching dresses for the girls - Moo picked out the butterfly fabric and I think they turned out adorable. I still can not get enough of the Sienna dress pattern. Even my hubby is wondering when the addiction will ease up. Maybe never? I'm okay with that. Moo was far too busy running through the 'rain' falling off the garage to stop for a photo shoot. Love that kid!
Feeling Lucky? I absolutely adored Care Bears when I was younger (and even dressed up as one for Halloween one year) so I thought this one was cute. Not so much cute for an adult, so Bug got it. In hindsight, this would have been perfect for St Patrick's day. Finally... another Sweet Dress, this time made out of a men's dress shirt. I am dying to put a 'belt' on it {like this}, but hubby and Bug gave that idea the boot, so maybe next time.

Thanks Aunt Fishie for helping with our photo shoot!

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  1. I'm so happy/jealous for your new machine! the dresses are ADORABLE, like always! and i'm totally with you on the belt thing, I LOVE that dress from Made ;-)