Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Two little Indians

Bug and I have been talking about Thanksgiving and making turkey crafts this week. I told her we might make a feather 'hat' like an Indian girl would wear. She then said "and you make me Indian girl dress too? Thanks." So, off to the thrift store I went in search of fabric. Since I live 75 minutes from a clothing fabric store (and civilization), that is my go-to place for last minute supplies. I found this dress that came with a jacket, and the fabric was really soft (and only $4) - perfect!
I wanted it to be more of a dress-up dress, so I used this pattern again, so it's easy to get off and on. The only thing I did different was I added a reverse applique zig-zag at the bottom. I really wanted to avoid fringe, and I thought zig-zag would be a similar look but a lot easier. It was time-consuming, but I love the finished look. I did double rows of stitching because of how much this fabric might fray.
I had dreams of my girls playing together for pictures, but when it came time, {reality check} they both decided they wanted this spray bottle with water. This is the result of my photo shoot: Once Moo was distracted with Diego, I did get one of Bug that's a good shot of the dress. It's exactly what I had in mind, and simple enough that even Daddy approves!{UPDATE}

We did get a better (no fighting) picture on our way to Thanksgiving dinner!

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