Wednesday, January 27, 2010

new cover!

I finally broke down and made a new cover for my ironing board! It was in really bad shape. I had worn through the padding and was ironing some spots right to the metal.. nice, huh? I found this great tutorial and it was so easy! I bought a cover for a large ironing board (mine is a small one) at the thrift store, and used it as my fabric. It had the padding already so it was a 15 minute project with results that make me giddy, and for just $1!


  1. ooo - i'd be giddy too... something not many friends understand :) and your board looks great!! $1 and 15 minutes - i'm giddy for you!!
    and that is awesome about your mom having a quilt shop :)

  2. Seriously, you are AMAZINGLY crafty! I am super jealous and your ironing board looks GREAT!
    By the Way, I think you should start another blog (like you don't have enough to do already right?) But really I think it should be school lessons and learning crafts to do with your kids. I found a blog "my kids eat off the floor" and about once a month she does a post about "Joy School" where she does a kind of preschool lesson with her kids and a couple others so they get used to preschool before they go. I love her ideas, then I thought I ADORE Lila's too! She should totally do something like that too! Just a suggestion, so that I can benefit :-) LoL! I just love what you do with your girls!