Sunday, January 10, 2010

Kid Crafts: Week One

Bug and I do kid 'projects' together several times a week while Moo is napping. I love the time we spend together and try and mix crafts and learning during this time. I thought every week I'd do a wrapup of what we have been working on.

We made Snowman inspired from here. Bug loved this project, and ate all the eyes and buttons off the snowmen before hubby could get home with the candy for the hats.
For Christmas she got a big bag of misc. supplies for our projects, and these Martha Stewart puppet kits were included. She and Moo played 'sroggies' the rest of the day.

Moo got magnetic Melissa and Doug animals and we have been working on identifying the animals. However, she would rather just slide all the animals off the fridge ten times and call it quits. Yikes - it looks like she has a mullet in this pic. Gotta do something about that.
My big Christmas gift this year? Pots and pans. I love love love them. I couldn't stand to throw all the wrapping materials away, so with the help of Bug and Moo ( love it!) we played in the felt and turned these plain cardboard pieces into princess crowns!

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  1. HOORAY! You are too cool with your projects! I am super jealous of how crafty you are with your girls! Seriously!