Sunday, January 17, 2010

Kid Crafts: Week Two

We did more outside play this week than inside, but we still got a few kids crafts in!

Bug loves puzzles, so we worked on this Melissa and Doug set we got from the thrift store. She likes the 'sishies' the best.
I bought this mat at the dollar store, and we did 'school time' together, working on identifying numbers and copying shapes and colors.
We did some alphabet work with matching the letters - thanks to Grandma Warner for a great Christmas gift!Bug's favorite was matching calendar pictures. I got a mini calendar from the dollar section at Target for half price, and had her match the pictures with the mini ones from the back of the calendar. Once she got the idea of the game, it was really easy. We mixed the pictures up and did this game four times in one night! We got the idea for this one from Chasing Cheerios. I love that blog!

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