Monday, January 18, 2010

Craft Room

I am lucky enough where we live to have a room dedicated to my crafts. I love it. However, I have never actually done any crafts in there. This would be why...
It didn't start out this bad, it really didn't. I have beads, sewing supplies, scrapbooking stuff, yarn, storage, my mother-in-law's photos, my mother's chandelier... it seemed to turn into a storage space for everybody. So, today I had my hubby bring our elliptical machine in (hooray!) and had to do some rearranging in the room. I really got bad through December when I was storing all my Christmas gifts back there. I promise my whole house does not look like this! With a little help from Moo, I was able to accomplish quite a bit!
I now have space on the floor to move around, and have started tackling organizing all my fabric.
The bummer? I realized I have at least 15 quilting/sewing projects started. I would like to get down to 8... that seems to be a manageable number. I guess that means lots of sewing while hubby is away this week!


  1. YEAH!! for some organization... and a place to craft!! it is so hard for me to stay organized... i get it all in order, then i do a project and nothing seems to go back in the right place :)

  2. SO jealous that you have a craft room! And look at all that fun stuff to play with! Good luck going through it all, I love organizing everything, but it never seems to last :-P

  3. LOL... Please don't feel alone! HAHAH.... I have organized and reorganized my craft room sooooooo many times and it is a mess again. I love to craft, what can I say!