Wednesday, March 2, 2011

30 for 30, week 5

Here we are at week five... wow!  I seem to have eight outfits for the week, I left town last Tuesday and didn't include my outfit from that day in the last group. I ended up leaving the girls home with my hubby and traveled with my brothers & niece. So here I am, after 9 hours of travel with my brothers in the LA airport. Gorgeous, no?
I do have to confess I bought a pair of shoes for this trip. I haven't been wearing my snow boots, so I was one item shy... but I did purchase them. For a funeral, so it hardly counts, right? 
 Wednesday: My Grama requested we wear colors to the Funeral, otherwise I may not have chosen a green dress for the service.
 Thursday: I forgot to snap a picture while we were gone, but this was my outfit. I went on a walk to the park to watch ducks with my niece and ran errands with Grama.
 Friday: My dad drove us back to the LA Airport, and we left with enough time to drive down the coast instead of freeway. It was raining, but there was a minute of light rain and we hopped out for a quick photo shoot. Minus the shoes... pregnant lady in wet sand and high heels... not a good idea.
 Saturday: ran errands with the girls and out to lunch with the family. So nice to be home, I missed my little girls & hubby!
 Sunday: Church and then work in the afternoon. I still can't believe at 33 weeks I can wear some clothes that are not maternity.
 Monday: I had an OB appointment in Rexburg and then went grocery shopping in Idaho Falls with the girls. This outfit turned out to be a huge bummer - I had never worn the scarf before, and by the time we got to Idaho Falls (about an hour and a half) and ran one errand, I noticed that the entire front of my shirt was colored blue from the dye on the scarf. So frustrating.
 Tuesday: Took Bug to Joy School and ran a couple errands with Moo. She is still heartbroken every day when we drop her sister off and she's too little to stay too. I wanted to get a couple things done with just one kid, but totally forgot that these shoes have absolutely no traction and I was slipping and sliding all over the snowy parking lots. Not practical shoes for Idaho in the winter.
Only a couple more days of this...

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