Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Some days it's all I have in me to make three meals... today I was feeling crafty but didn't have quite enough energy to get my sewing stuff out. So, crafty lunches instead!
PB&J roll-ups, Strawberry yogurt with sprinkles and apple slices
It's not super fancy, but my kids love when I put some effort into the presentation of lunch. Bug loves to dip apples in the yogurt and Moo had a blast dipping her sandwich rolls in the yogurt before she ate them. A little strange to me, but she ate lunch so it's okay with me.
Being now late in the third trimester of pregnancy and anemic, I am super exhausted. When Moo naps, Bug and I have traditionally done projects during that time - some simple, some super time consuming. Lately we have been cuddled up on the couch during that quiet time and browse "fancy lunches" at Another Lunch, Bentology, and Bento Lunch for cute ideas. {It's spending time with the kids that's important, not what you do together, right?} She finally talked me into getting a couple bento picks & accessories online and I hope they get here this week!

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