Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Candy Corn

I saw this tutorial for a candy corn pillow, and decided that I could modify it to make bean bags. Bug is only recently interested in throwing balls, so I thought a 'toss' game would be good for her. To encourage a 'toss' I made little mats to aim at, using the same basic steps as this tutorial, just no ric rac.
I made my bean bags a little smaller than the tutorial, and cut the cream and orange pieces 2" and the yellow 3", so the finished size is about 5" tall. The mats I cut at 9" x 10" (oops, wanted them square... oh well. the kids haven't complained yet!). Bug was up most of the night last night sick and not in the mood to try a new game - she loves to 'collect' similar things, and to break up this collection was more than her tired two-year old mind could handle. Tomorrow I will try setting the mats out around her and have her toss and aim at them. Poor little girl was so exhausted!
So she went to bed and Moo played 'clean up' the bean bags and put them in a basket. I can't believe how much fun she had cleaning these up!

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  1. wow! they're so adorable, and i love that you made bean bags! how fun and festive! my daughter likes to collect things too...anything. mostly snacks if she can get them. :D maybe you would consider adding these to my flickr group? here's the link:


    great job!!