Monday, October 5, 2009

Bow bows

Over the last couple weeks, Moo has been getting called a little boy more and more... and I don't love it. I thought I was doing pretty good about dressing her in pink, but I am noticing that even a hint of neutral in her clothing (like, say, jeans) and she's suddenly a 'he'. So my solution? Bows! Okay, so not actually bows, but hair clips. Bug still calls them 'bow bows' and so that's what they are at our house. Even an elastic is a bow. These are my favorites! I love that they are so easy to make - a little ribbon, a little hot glue, a clip, and some velcro and you're done! The velcro helps it stay in a little better - I just use the 'loopy' part of the velcro and glue it inside the top part.


  1. brilliant idea, velcro! i'm having fun looking at all your crafties!

  2. I am new... but am loving your crafts :) and had to comment that people seem to just assume a baby is a boy - and my *3* girls would not keep any clips/bows in their hair til they were past 2 years old (and one is only 1).... soooo... all pink/ruffles/holding dollies... lace... and "what's his name?" or "how old is he?" ... so--good for you and your bows!! :D