Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Kids Clothing Week: Day2: Round two, Daisy Tunic

As soon as Moo saw me sewing this morning, she began begging for her own dress. Since Bug had Joy School today, I snuck in a little extra sewing while she was gone and I only had two kids at home. Little Mister slept peacefully and Moo played Pet Shops  by me so I was able to sew with not too much interruption. I used this tutorial at Celebrate the Madness to make the tunic. It was intended to be a dress, but I cut it a little short and had a "make it work" moment. I love how it turned out, and so does Moo.
Love the booty shot.
I had her try it on when I had the body put together and she refused to take it off. Refused. Eventually she gave into the granola bar bribe and took it off so I could finish all the openings. I am glad she likes it!

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