Thursday, May 12, 2011

Kids Clothing Week: Day 4- Sienna cupcake dress

I am still so in love with the Sienna Dress Pattern from LilBlueBoo. I have made 20+ of these dresses and they are absolutely a staple in my girls wardrobe. I have been hanging onto the cupcake shirt for a loooong time waiting for the perfect fabric combination to strike... it took a while, but I absolutely love it. After I took this pic, I had her try it on and it was super long, so I took off three inches and did an exposed serged hem.
 Thank goodness for warm weather! Indoor clothing pics are just not nearly as fun!

I am also glad I waited because suddenly she has outgrown the majority of her clothing and I had to go up a size for this dress. Apparently she loves it too because she insisted Olivia get a dress to match.
Our outdoor photo shoot quickly was abandoned for a much-needed hour at the park. So glad the snow from Monday did not stay long!

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