Friday, May 27, 2011

6 weeks!

I can hardly believe my sweet Little Mister is 6 weeks old already! I am more in love every day! I love watching how all three kids interact, and I love watching my hubby come home from work and drop everything to cuddle them all together. Makes me rediculously happy.
This blanket measures 28x32 and quickly became our go-to blanket for outings & floor time. The animal print side is minky and I found this great stripe to match for the top. No batting, I just did straight line stitching on the blue stripes, and it cuddles in around him great in the carseat and stroller.
 I felt ready to go back to work (mentally) after a month with both girls, but I am just not feeling it this time. I want to stay home with my kiddos all day. Unfortunately, financially it is not possible right now. Next week is going to be a hard transition for all 5 of us!

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  1. he is such a little sweetie! it makes me miss Oscar being so tiny and little! sorry you have to go back to work!