Saturday, September 25, 2010

kcwc: day 6

Kids Clothes Week Challenge: Day 6
I love how this turned out! It is a Heidi & Finn pattern, the 'Everyday Coat'. I got the black heavier weight fabric at the thrift store for $2 and my mom let Moo pick the polka dot fabric, so super cheap to make it! I am thinking yellow buttons, but I'll have to see what is available in our area. It might have to wait a week or two until I head out to JoAnn's.

The pattern was super easy, but I did make the mistake of not lying out all the pattern pieces on the lining fabric and ended up piecing one of the sleeves. Oops. It took one morning to make with kids interrupting, so definately worth the time to make a cute jacket!


  1. It looks great! I keep meaning to make another jacket for my kids, but the weather around here is so mild that I keep not getting around to it.

    Thanks for stopping by. My problem with picking fabric for the kids is that I keep sticking to practical (dark!) fabrics. I love the way that they look in pale fabrics, but have had so many clothes ruined by one blob of tomato sauce...

  2. I love this jacket! I have been drooling over the pattern for so long! You made it so cute great fabric choices!