Friday, September 17, 2010

i've got a secret...

On the way home from the Farmers' Market today, my kids had the following conversation:

Bug: mom, MooLunker is making me really mad!
Moo: {chanting} i've got a secret, i've got a secret...
Bug: no, i have the only secret, she can't have one!
Me: you can both have secrets.
Bug: no we can't! i am going to take hers away from her!
Moo: oh no!
Bug: i took your secret!
Moo: oh no, she take my secret, mom!
Bug: AND i am going to eat it!
Moo: {really in distress now} she ate my secret mom! she ate it!
... I just laughed. There was no logical way to explain what a secret actually was, and there was no way to eat it... so I laughed. and laughed. love those girls!
{this is one of my favorite pics from the Farmers Market this summer. cupcake ice cream cones. yum!}