Monday, September 20, 2010

kcwc: day 1

Kids Clothes Week Challenge: day 1
I have to admit, with as excited as I have been for this challenge, I did absolutely no prep work ahead of time. I woke up this morning with not one idea. So, I mulled around this morning trying for inspiration in the fabrics that I had on hand. I finally came up with this easy shirt, inspired from here. I did get a little heartburn cutting into the fabrics, but Moo loves it and that's what counts. Then I turned Dora's Pirate Adventure on and got started on pirate costumes! I got two of these vests done, and although they don't look like much now, they will work with the costume as a whole. They are fully lined and reversible. One of the great things about having my girls so close in age (and size!) is that I only need to draft one pattern and it fits both of them! More 'pirate gear' coming this week!


  1. What a great shirt! I love it! And don't be afraid of shiny fabrics! Just use the right needle :-) the best part was, it was an awesome satin on one side, flannel on the other! GORGEOUS! I wish I had more than scraps of it!

  2. Love the shirt!! Can't wait to see the rest of the pirate gear =) I hope you'll link up to Make It Wear It on Thursday @