Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Finishing touches

I have been working on cleaning out my 'craft room' this last week, and it is a little more work than I hoped it would be. However, in the process, I have stumbled upon unfinished projects. Bug was sure pleased to see this again. All it needed was the binding sewn on by hand and done! So, I got to two of them before she got horribly impatient and cranky, so two down, two to go. These are actually leftover pieces from a quilt top I made for the quilt shop, and instead of a small quilt I opted to go with individual dolls. Cross your fingers for me, they might be easier to share this way!


  1. Are they actually working paper (fabric) dolls? Or just a picture book with pieces? I LOVE the fabric! Good find!

  2. adorable! you've been busy! love the thanksgiving dresses! super cute! and the book bags. awesome. :D