Friday, August 12, 2011

{sleeping babies}

Moo's birthday was this week - I can't believe my little girl is 3. Wow. My mother in law has a tradition of buying the granddaughters an American Girl Bitty Baby when they turn 3, and Moo has been super excited for her doll for months and months. She picked the Asian baby, and has named her "Baby Dark Gretta". We are happy to have her in the family!
Since Bug loves her Olivia so much, she wanted to make something special for Gretta. When I saw this post at Lots of Pink Here, I knew that was it! I bought the pattern from Flossie Teacakes and made the pattern a little bigger to accomidate the 15" dolls. Super easy and I love how 'finished' they look with the bias tape around the edges.
Once I had finished Gretta's, Bug decided she needed one for Olivia too. Cupcakes, of course.

I might have gotten carried away and made one for my 3 year old niece as well...

and her 1 year old sister. She'll get the doll eventually & we wouldn't want her to feel left out... okay, okay, I couldn't help myself. These flowers were just too much fun.


  1. Beautiful! I'm so pleased you found the pattern easy to use.

  2. Super cute! I might have to go get that pattern now for Mak's bitty baby! Someday when I'm back in the valley visiting we'll have to have a bitty baby tea party!

    By the way, did you know American Girls opened a new store in SEATTLE! Awesome!