Wednesday, January 26, 2011

a new fancy dress

While I was sewing the boppy cover, Bug begged me to make her a 'fancy dress' next. It took me a day or two, but the nagging persisted and I eventually gave in and made her this.

 I was inspired by Project Run and Play's challenge using the Sweet Dress pattern, Jess's version- even though she got voted off :( The fabric is a super soft cotton that just came out from Moda, and I wish I could make one for me! However, the baby's growing and I am not sure I could handle that much floral in one dress at this point. 
As a side note, she's 4 today! She is thoroughly traumatized by the idea of not being 3 anymore, and refuses to turn 4. Her compromise is that she'll be "free-four" (three-four) for a while. She's not big on change, so I guess easing into another age shouldn't come as a surprise for us!


  1. Love this dress! And I love that she is becoming quite the model for you too! And haven't you heard, big and pregnant means big bold patterns! or something like that ;-)
    you need to do a belly shoot and show off that little bun in your oven! i'm so excited!!!

  2. Oh! I love the bottom hem with 3 pretty fabrics. I will have to try that - thanks for the inspiration.

    And thanks for stopping by my blog and for your nice comment.


  3. This is adorable!! And so is your daughter. Can't wait to see you little boy in his "tie onsie" :)

    [found in the ali]