Tuesday, January 4, 2011


I have been super busy over the holidays, and it seems like i have had a hard time getting any projects finished. With the start of a new year, I am ready to finish {some of} what I started in the last month or two... I saw this post over at Samster Mommy and knew I wanted to make something like it. So, I browsed the J.Crew site until Bug started jumping up and down because she NEEDED this shirt:
I picked up two plain shirts and got to work! I only found silver sequins, so that's what I used, but I think the contrast is still great. I ended up stitching each sequin on with two stitches, so it was super time consuming.

I got the shirts for $3.50 each and split a $.97 package of sequins between the two, so total cost for two shirts: less than $8. Score! Much better on my pocketbook than the J.Crew original!
I enjoyed doing these so much I am thinking about making a goal of embellishing a plain shirt for each girl every month... just wondering what my craft time will be like in April with three kids! I am now 25 weeks along and super excited about having a BOY!
{my little sister - 22 weeks along - and I finishing up Christmas shopping a couple weeks ago. thinking maybe these cousing will need matching boy/girl quilts?}


  1. Krystal and i have had SO much fun having kids 2 months apart! you guys will love it too! i just wish i was closer to my sister :-(
    That being said I love, love LOVE your sequins shirts! can't believe you did it all by hand! crazy! You are an annoyingly adorable pregnant lady!

  2. ok, also how did you do the "labels" bar on your blog? I keep trying to figure it out, but it is REALLY confusing me! :-P

  3. Sweet shirt. I know a few little girls who would love it!

  4. sewing by hand all of those sequins must have taken you forever ~ but worth it