Thursday, August 12, 2010

out of necessity

I love to sew clothes, quilts, etc., but sometimes the most rewarding things I make are out of necessity. Bug fell off the couch onto a chair two days ago, and after 48 hours of guarding the arm, we took her to the clinic. It looks like a slight break, and will heal on its own {yeah for that!}. However, she has to wear this sling in the meantime. To help with the comfort, I made a minky strap cover. Simple, but here's how I did it:
Measure from the front where the strap attaches to the back, and add 1/2". For the second measurement, double the width of the strap and add 3/4". I cut my piece 12 x 5".
Fold over short ends towards wrong side of fabric by 3/8" and topstitch. Fold with right sides together and sew long side together. Turn inside out... and have one happy {and compliant} girl!

1 comment:

  1. poor little girl! so sad! :-( glad it will heal on it's own though!